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BC-BF-320GD Jelly Stick Packing Machine

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Key words:

Candy Production Line | Candy Packaging Machine | Filling Capping/Filling Sealing Machine | Automatic Blister Machine | Pillow Packaging Machine |


Main Performance
This machine is automatically completed the process of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, counting, photoelectric sensor, cutting, inflating etc; its sealing form is back side seal .It adopts frequency converter to make sure stable performance and easy operation.

Material and Feeding ways
Granule Feeding Ways: Volumetric cups, Electronic weighing, Vibration plates counting, Swash plate counting, Tipping Bucket Conveyor multi- material feeding and so on.
Powder Feeding Ways: Vertical Screw, Tilting Screw, Horizontal Screw and sO on.
Liquid and Sauce Feeding Ways: Mechanism Pump, Cylinder Pumpand sO on.  

Range Of Application
It is suitable for packing of various kinds of granules materials like chips, candy, nuts/ powder materials like milk powder, washing powder,
corn starch/ liquid and sauce materials like jelly stick, juice, chill sauce, ketchup,honey and so on.